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Is Peer to Peer an alternative to Cash ISAs? James looks at whether peer to peer lending is a sensible alternative to saving in cash ISAs in this month’s Around Town Magazine (p.30 - 31

Should you still consider Cash ISAs? Ahead of the tax year end, James looks at whether there is still a place for cash ISAs in his monthly column for Around Town Magazines (see p.28 – 29)

What next for savings rates and where are the best places to save?  James covers these topics in his monthly Around Town Magazine column (p.38-39)

In this month’s Around Town Magazine column, we look at how to improve your savings in 2018 (p.22-23)

James was the first guest on Phoenix FM in 2018!  He was talking to Naomi Sayers, on her FeelGood Saturday show, about all things savings and finance generally.  You can listen again to the show here:

James spoke to multi award winning journalist, Georgie Frost, for her This Is Money podcast with his predictions of what he expects to see in the savings market in 2018. You can listen to the show here (James is on from 11 minutes 30 seconds):

What will happen to savings rates in 2018? The Daily Mail’s Consumer Affairs Editor, Lee Boyce, posed the question to James and he shared his thoughts for the year ahead and predictions on where interest rates will go:

In our Christmas Around Town Magazine column (p.32 – 33) we look at some risk free savings accounts with the potential for high rewards:

This month’s column in Around Town Magazine (p.24-25) looks at how you can start saving if you don’t have any savings! There’s also another chance to win a £50 restaurant voucher too:

With a firm advertising 'Pensioner Bonds are back' we spoke to Lee Boyce at The Daily Mail on whether this was a return of the much loved NS&I Savings Bond from 2016

Our monthly column in Around Town Magazine (p.40-41) looks at whether now is a good time to choose a fixed rate bond and also has a savings competition to win a £50 restaurant voucher! 

We spoke to Rachel Kerrone from financial advice site, Parent Money, about the importance of saving.  Here’s what advice we had for parents:

Our monthly column in Around Town Magazine looks at the various savings accounts you can save in, the pros and cons of them and suggests some good providers (see pages 38 – 39).

With Atom Bank launching four best buy savings accounts, we provide our thoughts on them to The Daily Mail’s Lee Boyce

We are delighted to be writing the financial column for Around Town Magazines, which are delivered to over 50,000 households in Billericay, Rayleigh and Upminster.  You can read our debut column in the Billericay magazine here on page 38 - 39:

With the launch of the Lifetime ISA (Individual Savings Account) recently, we discuss the release of the first industry statistics on customer take up with The Daily Mail's Lee Boyce

The launch of Clear Bank hasn't had the fanfare of others but it's entry to the market could be significant. Interviews with Clear Bank Founder, Nick Ogden, and opinion from our Founder, James Blower, on what Clear Bank bring to the market in this months edition of Business Brief (see pages 6-8)

With Nationwide launching a new 5 Year 'Loyalty' Bond via a full page Sunday Times advert, we gave our views to the Daily Mail on whether this was a good deal for their members

Is opening multiple high interest rate current accounts a better alternative strategy for savers?  We shared our thoughts with Your Money’s Paloma Kubiak on the positives and the pitfalls

With Sharia banks dominating the best buys, Founder James Blower caught up with Your Money's Paloma Kubiak to discuss whether savers should consider them

Is banking about to become more Civilised? We shared our thoughts on newly licensed Civilised Bank with The Daily Mail


We talked to Gillian Marles on BBC Radio Scotland about challenger banks and their impact on the market (interview starts at 1:46:37)

You can listen to the interview here:

Do fixed rate bonds having cooling off periods? We provide an explanation of the market to The Daily Mail and why many banks don't offer them.

We provide insight to the Daily Mail on why the pricing of Atom Bank’s new savings bonds are significantly higher than the current best buys available in the market.

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We give our thoughts to This Is Money on which of the new banks expected to launch in 2017 will be of most interest to savers and why

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Lee Boyce (Daily Mail) shares our thoughts on the savings market for 2017, on Georgie Frost’s award winning Share Radio show, on why 2017 will be a better year for savers. Listen in from 31 minutes:

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We share our views with This Is Money on what we expect 2017 to have in store for savers

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