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The savings market is fiercely competitive. 

There are thousands of accounts to choose from, hundreds of providers, and top deals are launched and withdrawn within a matter of days.

It’s not surprising savers are left confused, overwhelmed and ready to give up. 

Standard comparison sites have gone some way towards solving the problem. But these aggregators are typically commercially driven, displaying products they get paid to promote first. So they don't always have savers' best interests at heart.

Savings Guru is different. 

In the crowded savings space, we help people get the best deal for their money with our truly independent best buy tables, one-of-a-kind ‘Ask the Guru’ service and easily digestible newsletters.

We’re far from a regular comparison site…

We stand out from the crowd because we’re steadfast on three things:


Unlike most of our competitors, we’re totally independent. Top-paying rates are never hidden below layers of sponsored products where it's almost impossible to work out how to find the genuine best buy rates. The rates you see are always the best rates on offer. We include all providers on our lists, even the lesser-known challenger banks.


We’re not afraid to call out bad behaviour. We’ll let you know if you should avoid a certain bank because its account opening process is awful or it doesn’t publish its telephone number. If you’ve never heard of a provider, we’ll give you our verdict on what we like and don’t like.

The inside track

We’re savings obsessed. We know the market inside and out and our mission is to share our insights with you. That means you’ll get the scoop on market-leading rate launches before anyone else. And if a top rate is about to be pulled, we’ll let you know so you can snap it up. We update the website several times a day so our tables are always accurate.


Meet James Blower, the man behind Savings Guru

With 25 years’ experience, our award-winning founder James has worked for many of the industry’s major players, including Shawbrook and Zopa.

He’s built savings banks from scratch (Clydesdale Bank International, Shawbrook), run successful comparison sites and worked with big-name brands to develop their savings offering (The Cambridge Building Society, Harrods Bank).

Throughout his career, James has spoken to thousands of savers. He understands their drivers, how they behave and the obstacles they face.

One of these struggles is finding and accessing the best rates on the market from a truly independent source.

James found savers often leave their savings languishing in an account paying next-to-nothing. Or they opt for the first ok-looking deal they come across on the internet, from brands they’re familiar with.

That’s why, in 2014, he launched Savings Guru, to help savers get the best possible return on their money and to motivate people to feel more confident about managing their finances.

With 80,000 website visits per month, thousands signed up to his newsletter, and regular appearances in the national media, including the BBC and The Daily Mail, James has helped thousands of savers earn more interest on their money.

When he’s not talking, writing or thinking about savings, James can be found coaching Spixworth Football Club's U12s or cheering on his beloved Norwich City FC.


What our users say…

“You are a fantastic resource. I wish I had found you a year ago.”

“What a great forum, highly informative, sufficiently detailed
to make good decisions about investing.”



Do I have to pay a fee to use Savings Guru?

No, all our content is totally free.

What if I book a rate through your website? Do I have to pay then?

No, there’s no fee to book a deal. However, if we’ve helped you find a brilliant rate, and you’d like to say thank you, you’re welcome to make a donation towards the upkeep of the website here.

Do all the providers featured on the website offer FSCS protection?

All providers featured on the website offer FSCS protection, which means that currently up to £85,000 of your savings is protected. If a provider doesn’t offer FSCS protection, we’ll always make that clear.

Is there a minimum savings amount to use Savings Guru?

No, you can use the website with as little as £1. However, some providers have their own minimum savings limits, which we'll always highlight.

How does Savings Guru make money?

The website was initially developed purely to help savers, not to generate a commercial return. However, helping tens of thousands of savers each month is expensive. We need to be able to pay for the running and upkeep of the site. Some providers pay Savings Guru to use affiliate links, cost per click (CPC) advertising and some sponsored products to direct you to specific pages on their websites. This doesn't cost you, our savers, anything but using them helps to keep the site going. We clearly highlight affiliate and CPC arrangements with green buttons saying 'Apply Now' or 'Find out more'. Sponsored products are highlighted with a green surround and clearly state that they are 'Sponsored'.

About The Savings Guru

We help savers get the best deal for their money by providing unique insight in to the savings market.  We help prospective banks apply for a banking licence and we help build customer services, products and marketing for them.  We also work with existing banks and building societies to improve their savings propositions.  This  insider view of savings means we are uniquely placed to help savers.

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