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The most frequently asked question I get asked, by savers, banks and the media, is ‘where are savings rates are heading?’

The government owned NS&I reported it's financial results for the year to 31st March 2017 at the end of last month.

A New Year is often a focal point for people to look at what they’d like to change in their lives and many make resolutions for what they want to achieve.

Virgin Money have launched a new Manchester United Double Champions E-Bond paying 3%.  However, there’s a massive catch...

One often quoted statistic in banking is that people living in the UK are more likely to get divorced than change their bank accounts.

This week sees two quite notable birthday’s in the savings market.  Today marked the 2nd anniversary of the launch of RCI Bank in the UK.  Owned by the French car manufacturer Renault, RCI has been a bastion in the best buy tables...

The past few days have seen two very noteworthy movements in the savings market.

With savings rates up by over 40% in some product categories in 2017, the inevitable questions are being asked about whether this can continue. We’ve looked at what’s happening in the market, what’s driving it and analyse whether it can continue.

At the start of 2017, the top 1 Year Fixed Bond paid 1.40%, 2 Years was 1.60% and 5 Years briefly dipped below 2% for the first time ever. Fast forward six months and 2% can be found on 1 Year, three providers pay 2% or more on 2 Years and 2.50% can be earned on 5 Years

Firstly, if you find yourself in this situation, you are not alone. Over 40% of people in the UK either have no savings at all or just a small amount of cash, less than £500, put away.

Clydesdale Bank announced its latest interim results this morning.  The stock market reacted badly to the results sending the shares down...

On the eve of Halloween, we’ve seen a range of new fixed rate bonds launched from Coventry Building Society, Fidor and Vanquis. Are these a sweet treat or will an investment in to these savings bonds come back to haunt you?

Al Rayan have re-entered the highly competitive 1 and 2 Year Fixed Rate Bond markets with market leading rates paying...

Each month, James writes a column in Around Town Magazine which goes out to 50,000 homes in Essex. This is his October article.