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ISA round up - 10th June

There were new best buys on 2, 3 and 5 Year ISAs as Principality Building Society, Secure Trust Bank and Shawbrook all jostled for top spot. While best buy easy access ISA rates remain in tact, Paragon Bank's relaunch of its Double Access ISA was the only significant move and it is likely that rates will fall back with the expectation that Base Rate will be cut to 5% on August 1st. We expect a similar week ahead with a few minor movements as providers compete for position. If you are undecided whether to use your ISA allowance in cash or stocks and shares ISAs this tax year, there's a handy guide on Hargreaves Lansdown's website to inform your thinking.

Here's our round up of the best buys and key changes in Individual Savings Accounts:

Easy Access ISA

Chip remain best buy paying 5.10%. The popular money app, whose deposits are protected via Clear Bank, lead the way ahead of Zopa Bank who pay 5.08% - although this includes a bonus of 0.50% for 12 months. Charter Savings Bank are third at 4.97%. Paragon are next, as they relaunched their Double Access ISA paying 4.95%, to move above Kent Reliance at 4.86%. Cynergy Bank pay 4.82%, Virgin Money offer 4.76% and Leeds Building Society pay 4.75%. 

Notice ISAs

West Brom Building Society are still the best buy with their 60 Day Notice ISA paying 5.10%. Teacher's Building Society are next paying 4.85% for 120 Days with a drop then to Hinckley & Rugby and Mansfield Building Societies - both pay 4.60% for 180 Day Notice, well below easy access best buys.

1 Year ISA

Virgin Money remain best buy at 5.05% - but savers need to have or open a Virgin current account to get this rate. Paragon move up to second following their increase to 4.83% and OakNorth and Castle Trust Bank also move up to 4.81% to share third.  Shawbrook are next at 4.80% with UBL Bank at 4.77%. United Trust Bank pay 4.75%, following their rate cut, alongside Close Brothers and Charter Savings but ahead of Aldermore Bank who pay 4.72%.

2 Year ISA

Secure Trust Bank are the next best buy paying 4.65%. They move ahead of Shawbrook and OakNorth who offer 4.63% with United Trust Bank at 4.61%. Close Brothers are up to 4.60% ahead of Paragon and Charter Savings at 4.59%. Aldermore Bank pay 4.55% and West Brom move up following their increase to 4.51%. Zopa, Close Brothers and Ford Money all pay 4.50%.

3 Year ISA

Principality Building Society are the new best buy paying an improved 4.47%. They move ahead of Shawbrook Bank and Secure Trust Bank, who both upped rates to 4.44% last week. OakNorth and Close Brothers are tied at 4.41% ahead of Paragon at 4.35%. Aldermore Bank areoffering 4.25% with Zopa Bank at 4.21%.

5 Year ISA

Principality Building Society take top spot with their increase to 4.13%. They move ahead of Secure Trust and Shawbrook - who both improved to 4.11%. West Brom were also on the rise - to 4.09% - as were UBL to 4.08% and Clsoe Brothers to 4.07%. Paragon Bank remain at 4.05% with Zopa Bank's 4.01% the only other provider above 4%.

Lifetime ISA

Moneybox pay a best buy 4.40% - but their rate does include a 0.90% bonus for 12 months. Tembo, who have bought Nude Finance, pay 4.30% and had briefly topped the charts before being usurped by Moneybox again. Bath Building Society are at 3.79% ahead of Paragon Bank at 3.51%. Beehive Money are just behind at 3.50%. Skipton Building Society pay 3.25% and Newcastle Building Society are lagging at 3%.

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