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ISA round up - 5th February

The Bank of England's decision to keep rates on hold, and the commentary around the decision, have seen rates hold up this week. All ISA best buys remain at the previous week's levels and there's even been a few increases with Aldermore upping all their fixed ISA rates on Friday. While Virgin is the only provider paying 5%+ on fixed ISA, and we expect this to go this month, there's hope that rates will hold up in the short term and we don't foresee significant movement, either way, from current levels in the coming months. Here's our round up of the best buys and key changes in the Individual Savings Account markets:

Easy Access ISA

Zopa Bank remain best buy at 5.08% although this includes a bonus of 0.50% until 6th April 2025. They are a touch ahead of Coventry Building Society who are at 5.05% with their Four Access ISA. Charter Savings Bank are third at 5.03% with Kent Reliance and Harpenden Building Society tied at 5.01%. There are four providers at 5% - Leeds Building Society, Cynergy, Family Building Society and Principality Building Society all level. Cynergy and Leeds pay a straight 5% but Family's account is a market tracker which is reviewed quarterly - with rates falling back, this could be a good option. Principality's rate includes a whopping 0.96% bonus for 12 months. Virgin Money are next at 4.96% but this account pays a lower rate of 2% if more than three withdrawals are made in a calendar year. 

Notice ISAs

Chorley Building Society remain best buy with their 150 Day Notice paying 5.05%. Furness Building Society are second with their 90 Day Notice paying 5.01%.  Teacher's Building Society are joint third with Loughborough Building Society - Teacher's pay 5% for 120 Days and Loughborogh pay the same rate for 180 Days Notice, with 4.75% paid for 120 Day Notice. 

1 Year ISA

Virgin Money still lead the way paying 5.25% - savers must have, or open, a Virgin Money current account to get that rate. Shawbrook Bank are second but have cut their rate to 4.98%. Castle Trust Bank pay 4.97%, just ahead of Charter Savings at 4.96% and Close Brothers at 4.95%.  United Trust Bank who offer an improved 4.91%, following their rate increase last week, leapfrogging Zopa Bank and Post Office Money at 4.90%. Hodge pay 4.89%, following their rate cut, and Kent Reliance complete the top 10 at 4.85%. Aldermore Bank were a rare provider increasing rates - moving up to 4.80%.

2 Year ISA

Zopa Bank and Post Office Money are joint best buy - both paying 4.70% - with United Trust Bank at 4.60% joint third alongside Close Brothers and Furness Building Society. UBL Bank pay 4.56%, narrowly ahead of Castle Trust Bank at 4.55%. Dudley and Scottish Building Societies, and Hodge, all pay 4.50% to complete the top 10.

3 Year ISA

An unchanged line up with UBL Bank still leading the way paying 4.41% with Castle Trust Bank second offering 4.30%. Secure Trust are third at 4.26% with Zopa Bank at 4.21%. United Trust Bank pay 4.20% with Sainsburys Bank and TSB both paying 4.10%. The only significant movement was Aldermore Bank increasing their rate to 4%.

5 Year ISA

UBL Bank are still best buy at 4.26% with a drop then to Close Brothers at 4.15% and Castle Trust Bank at 4.10%. Zopa Bank are next at 4.01% ahead of United Trust Bank and Furness Building Society at 4%.

Lifetime ISA

Moneybox pay a best buy 4.25% - but their rate does include a 0.75% bonus for 12 months.  Nude Finance pay 3.80% but their rate comes with a £2 monthly fee - although this is fee free for the first 12 months currently.  Bath Building Society are at 3.79% ahead of Paragon Bank at 3.51%. Beehive Money are just behind at 3.50%. Skipton Building Society pay 3.25% and Newcastle Building Society are lagging at 3%.

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